Exploring the Best Music Venues in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for the best music venues to enjoy live music in Austin, Texas? Look no further! Austin is renowned for its vibrant music scene, and there are plenty of places to experience the best of it. From the classic Continental Club to the iconic Antone's, there's something for everyone. Here's a look at some of the most popular music venues in Austin. ACL Live at The Moody Theater is one of the most sought-after music venues in Austin. Opened in 1955 as an elegant dinner club, the retro Continental Club and its Continental Gallery on the top floor present live rockabilly, country, rock, jazz and soul music every night.

Look for the classic neon sign on South Congress Avenue, then step inside and enjoy the cool atmosphere and music. You can even spot a celebrity in the crowd. Artists of all kinds love playing ACL Live at The Moody Theater, home to the recording of Austin City Limits, the country's longest-running musical television series. The Cactus Café is another great venue for live music. Before attending one of the 100 concerts performed each year, take a selfie in front of the statue of local musical hero Willie Nelson.

Open since 1979, the Cactus Café is known for presenting the best international acoustic artists. Musicians like Lyle Lovett and Lucinda Williams played here early in their careers. Today, this venue located in the Texas Union offers shows for all ages from Tuesday to Friday nights and occasionally on Saturdays. The Victory Grill in East Austin is a great place to listen to blues and R&B artists. In the 1940s, this was the ideal spot to hear B.

B. King and other greats. Today, this venue continues to offer live music (call ahead to see if you want), as well as comforting Southern dishes such as chicken and waffles at its The Rolling Rooster restaurant. The Little Longhorn Saloon has been the center of Austin's honky-tonk country music scene for more than four decades. At least 10 bands play every week, and there's never a charge for their performance.

Don't you know how to do two steps? Take a free class on select nights. Located across the street from the University of Texas since 1974, the Hole in the Wall stage has hosted all types of artists, from Spoon to Don Henley of the Eagles. Don't be surprised to see people crowdsurfing one night and then a set with soft acoustics. Visit Unplug This on Monday nights for performances by local composers. In the past, the Hole in the Wall sign read “Cheap music, fast drinks, live women”, a mantra that has remained firm during its more than 40 years of existence. This East Austin venue has been located on the corner of Fourth and Navasota since 1871, making it one of Central Texas' oldest bars. The neon sign that hangs in front of Austin's prestigious institution, Antone's, illuminates its name in bright blue and considering its deep-rooted ties to blues music, this choice of color seems more than appropriate.

The atmosphere and architecture of this place are multiple so don't hesitate to choose your own adventure. Go downstairs to the Elephant Room, an intimate space in the basement of the historic Swift Building that offers live music every night.

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