Exploring the Arts Scene in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is a vibrant city with a plethora of activities and events to explore. From music concerts and food festivals to museum exhibits and family fun, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a major annual festival such as SXSW, the ACL Music Festival or the Austin Film Festival, or a major sporting event like Formula 1, the Austin Marathon or NASCAR at the COTA, you'll find plenty of exciting activities to enjoy. The Palmer Events Center is a unique venue with an impressive view of the downtown Austin skyline.

It offers incredible opportunities for any event, with its covered outdoor space with awning and authentic Austin catering options. The OutSider Film & Art Festival celebrates the bold originality of LGBTQ+ film, dance, theater, performing arts, music and visual arts. Nature is also a beautiful setting for public art in any of the many parks in the Austin neighborhood. Adams, commissioned by the City of Austin's Art in Public Places program, captures important people, places and events from Austin's African-American community.

The Austin Film Festival offers year-round events, a program for young filmmakers, a television program, a radio program, a podcast and more. And don't miss James Turrell's The Color Inside Skyspace for a quiet hour at dawn or dusk. The Austin Powwow Native American Heritage Festival is held every year in early November and is the largest one-day gathering in the United States. The Chicano Park mural was recently restored by the original artist Ramon Maldonado and Arte Texas artists who share local Chicano history, culture and pride through this vibrant mural found in Martin Pool in Edward Rendon Sr.

The Rancho Alegre Joint Music Festival returns every year for a 3-day festival in spring. In the Seaholm Ecodistrict, visitors can explore the Cloud Pavilion sculpture by artist Beili Liu which visualizes the evaporation process used by the adjacent Austin Energy cooling plant to sustainably provide cold air to downtown buildings. Since 1994, Salvage Vanguard Theater has created award-winning works in Austin. Pursuant to section 46.035 of the Texas Penal Code, it is illegal to openly carry a gun on campus, including in Texas performing arts venues.

“Art in Public Places” bike routes and self-guided maps guide visitors to works of art from all over downtown Austin, including Austin's most popular mural Tau Ceti on the corner of Second and Brazos Streets. By staying at Austin-area hotels, visitors help support the arts of Austin through a specific portion of the city's hotel occupancy tax. Austin is home to some of the most unique and exciting art venues and events in Texas. From major festivals like SXSW and ACL Music Festival to smaller events like OutSider Film & Art Festival and Rancho Alegre Joint Music Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to explore art in all its forms.

Visitors can also take advantage of public art installations like Adams or Cloud Pavilion sculpture by Beili Liu as well as murals like Chicano Park mural or Tau Ceti mural. Additionally, there are many venues that host performances such as Palmer Events Center or Salvage Vanguard Theater. When visiting any of these venues or events it is important to remember that pursuant to section 46.035 of the Texas Penal Code it is illegal to openly carry a gun on campus or any other performing arts venue. Furthermore, visitors can support local art by staying at Austin-area hotels which contribute to local art through hotel occupancy tax.

Austin is an amazing city with plenty of opportunities to explore art venues and events that will make your visit unforgettable.

Diane Willibrand
Diane Willibrand

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