Hiring Performers and Technicians for an Art Venue in Austin, Texas

The Austin School of Contemporary Art is looking for a full-time administrator and studio to join their team. As the only museum in Austin dedicated to contemporary art and its artists, The Contemporary offers a unique space for exploration of urban and natural environments. Through their Museum Without Walls program, visitors can explore the Jones Center on Congress Avenue, the Laguna Gloria campus, and the surrounding area of Austin. This role works closely with internal departments, external customers, and suppliers to organize events at venues and spaces on the ZACH Theater campuses in Downtown and Cedar Park. Are you looking to hire performers or technicians for your art venue in Austin, Texas? You've come to the right place! Austin is home to a variety of organizations that provide talented individuals with the opportunity to lead, learn, thrive, and grow through the magic of performing arts.

From its vibrant live music venues to its independent boutiques, striking art galleries, and colorful cultural celebrations, Austin is a city like no other. The Austin Music Office is a great resource for those looking to hire local Austin bands of all genres. Music publications and websites, organizations and ensembles, and local musical foundations are also great places to find locals looking to hire local bands. These organizations help benefit hard-working musicians who call Austin home.


and Elon University are two nonprofit arts organizations that provide youth and teens of all abilities with the opportunity to lead, learn, thrive, and grow through the magic of performing arts. Ben, a graduate of a select performing arts high school who attended the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Australia where he studied acting and obtained his degree, is an example of one such individual.

During his stay at NIDA, Ben developed an extensive knowledge base on technical and performance aspects of theatrical arts. Hannah West recently graduated from Elon University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance performance and choreography. Ben now lives in Buda, Texas with his wife Dani. He enjoys exploring local ice cream parlors and playing pinball. He also appears alongside TexArts tap teacher George Bohn at A Cool Yule cabaret, directs TexArts' annual production The Nutcracker, and dances professionally in the Austin area. Before you can enjoy the success of an art exhibition, you'll need to do everything you can to make it a success.

The Director of Development will be a key partner in expanding the development function to support future capital needs and the creation of an endowment in the coming years. The Contemporary dreams of a future where contemporary art opens more eyes, ears, hearts, and minds.

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