Exploring the Creative Art Scene of Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is a city renowned for its creativity and art scene. From world-class museums such as the Blanton and the Harry Ransom Center to galleries, theaters, and festivals, there is something for everyone to explore. Whether you're looking for a unique experience at Big Medium's studios or attending a street fair, you can find a variety of art forms in Austin. The Contemporary at the Jones Center is one of the many galleries in Austin that showcases both established and emerging artists.

The Mexic-Arte Museum and the Carver Museum are dedicated to preserving and exhibiting our cultural heritage. The Long Center is home to the Austin Ballet, which presents dancers and choreographers in elegant performances. The Bullock Museum honors our Texas history, while Trash Cathedral celebrates our eccentricity. Art Austin is a collective of galleries, museums, art spaces, and self-guided art tours that provide an overview of the city's art scene.

The Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin offers a range of degree programs from bachelor's to doctorate degrees in performance, composition, music and human learning, jazz, theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, pedagogy, and liberal studies in music. The Department of Theater and Dance also provides undergraduate and graduate programs in acting, dance, dramaturgy, directing, theater education, theater history and criticism, theater design and technology. The Color Inside Skyspace by James Turrell is part of the University of Texas at Austin's public art collection. The Department of Art & Art History offers studio art, art history, and art education programs that reflect the rigorous standards of a flagship institution.

Lydia Street provides artists with attention and a welcoming place for the community to participate in the world of art. The Art in Public Places program of the City of Austin's Department of Economic Development has commissioned and preserved hundreds of works of art on display 24/7.The Las Américas Film Festival celebrates Latino filmmakers and their stories with contemporary films from Latin America as well as those made by or about Latinos in the United States. The Blanton Museum of Art has a collection of over 17,000 works of art spread across two 180,000 square-foot buildings. The Central Library Gallery presents rotating exhibitions by local and national artists with the mission of promoting diverse art forms.

Austin Studio Tour is a celebration of artists that invites the public to experience their work. Women & Their Work is a nonprofit visual and performing arts organization located in downtown Austin that acts as a catalyst for new ideas in contemporary art created by women living and working in Texas and beyond. The VORTEX is an artist-owned repertory theater that presents alternative versions of plays to operas. UTeach Fine Arts offers teacher preparation programs in visual arts, theater, dance, and music. Through its designation as a UNESCO Creative City, Austin artists have the opportunity to exhibit locally as well as participate in international cultural exchange programs with other cities.

Adams captures important people, places, and events from Austin's African-American community through its public art program. The gallery specializes in fine art photographs with an emphasis on contemporary works.

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